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6 Student Survival Tips

Its that time in your life…your heading off to uni, fleeing the nest making new friends, memories and learning how to actually cook. Adapting to student life is hard, it’s probably your first time living alone and you’re going to be pretty skint most of the time. This simple guide will help you stretch your cash as far as it can go and ensure you still have an epic experience.

#1 Toilet Roll

Possibly one of the most important tools in a student’s arsenal, used to clean up all most anything and you can never have too much. Guard this with your life, it won’t be long before your housemates have used up that ever important last roll. Be sure never to run out and buy in bulk it is generally cheaper, plus you’ll never be caught without it!

#2 Pre-drinking

Gather the troops, pre-drinking is a must. Put money into a kitty and enjoy drinks before you head out. Pre-drinking means you barely spend anything on drinks when your get there saving those pennies for the taxi home and a hangover cure.

#4 Late night shopping

Typically, fresh food or items close to their sell-by-date are often reduced massively at the end of the day. Stock up on your essentials and freeze as much as you can.

#5 Cleaning Rota

This sounds really simple, but I’ve seen the effects of a poorly organised flat, it can get out of hand really quick especially if people are hungover and don’t want to clean. A simple rota makes sure people know what their job is, sharing them out also means one person doesn’t do the lot!

#6 The Hangover Cure

This isn’t an exact science and people have their own personal rituals. Mine stops the dehydration (as alcohol dehydrates you) part of the hangover, a pint of water and a high in salt meal/snack before bed. The salt ensures you retain water and the pint of water re-hydrates the water you lost. Simple quick and easy, you’ll thank me in the morning!

There it is a few simple tips for surviving your first year, by second year this will be the norm!