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3 meals sure to get you through uni

And so it begins. Starting university, making new friends and sacrificing food for that ever needed pint. Counting the pennies will become an art and for the next three years eating a good old nutritional meal will become a very distant memory. We’ve all been there and yes…a microwave meal may do the trick but that ain’t going to make the cut. Long days at uni, long nights on the town and those tiring exams all require a boost of nutritional energy.

I promise you, Pot noodles are not your friend. We can do better than that! Here’s a list of a few things we think you can throw together for less than the cost of a pint.

Saucy Sausage Pasta Bake

sausage-pastaHead to the reduced section at the end of the night and you’ll be sure to find a pack of reduced sausages. Buying a jar of sauce may seem like the cheapest thing to do but opting for some of those spices your parents stocked up on to see you off into your new home will come in handy.

Throw in an onion, some chopped tomatoes and hey presto.

Find the recipe here.


 Breakfast Egg Muffins

The gift that will keep on giving. Very cheap and easy to make and can be eaten throughout the day. Wisk up a few eggs, chuck in the remainder of your veggie draw and stick in the oven. I love to throw in some chorizo or ham when feeling flush but generally some veggies and a splash of cheese will taste fab.

Find the recipe here


Easy Spaghetti Bolognese

Everyone loves a classic bolognese and cooking up a batch of this will last you weeks. Again, ditch the prepared sauces and throw in some of those spices, onions and tomatoes. Try and plan your food shops and avoid picking up your meat from the local shop as this is often over priced and comes in smaller batches. Head to a big supermarket and try and bag a 3 for £10 deal, freeze the remainder and enjoy for weeks to come.

Find the recipe here