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Covid-19 End of Tenancy Guidelines

Is your tenancy ending on 30th June? Well…all good things come to an end but we’ve really enjoyed having you as part of the YN family.  We’ve jotted down a few pointers just to help plan ahead of your check out date and ultimately speed up your deposit return (lets face it…this is the priority isn’t it?!)

1. Have you booked your key return appointment? (One last visit to our HQ)

So we can manage footfall in the office please choose just one tenant to return all tenant keys back to our office (sorry, we know you all want to come along and say your goodbyes!). If you haven’t already, please give us a bell to book in a time slot. We have a speedy handover to plan for so all keys must be handed back by mid-day on 30th June (thanks in advance).

2. Clean to your hearts content (Super important if you’d like to retain your deposit)

Please note that your property must be cleaned to a professional standard prior to handing back your keys (some key highlights below), but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered….have a read over our handy cleaning checklist to get the low down on what’s what. If you don’t fancy the clean, you can always ask us to professionally clean and just hand over to our team to breeze through the deep clean for £21+VAT per hour (please book in advance). Some things to consider with your clean, outside of the usual;

  1. Clean underneath your beds, and inside all draws (you’d be surprised at what often gets left behind)
  2. Wipe down and clean your windowsills and windows – wipe away those streaks on the glass too
  3. Make sure every light bulb is working – even those annoying ones under kitchen cabinets and above the bathroom mirror
  4. Empty all bins including bathroom and kitchen and clean the inside so they are spic and span
  5. Remove ALL of your belongings, basically, if it wasn’t there when you moved in, it shouldn’t be there when you leave (we don’t want to charge you for removal so donate to charity / throw away if you don’t need them)



3. You will then need to send YourNest up to 3 pieces of information before we can return your deposit

  1. Proof you have paid all of your bills up until your move out date
  2. Proof that you are exempt from council tax (i.e. if you’re a student)
  3. Your forwarding address


4. How long will it take to get my deposit back?

The length of time it takes to get your deposit back will depend upon steps 1-3 being completed, and whether or not there are any tenant deductions for damages. You will find further information regarding the deposit return time frames on our website here



Give us a call if you have any questions and we wish you the best of luck.

The YN Team