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Covid-19 Student Move In Process

Are you moving in on 1st July? Preparations are well underway and your new homes are being cleaned and prepared as we speak.

Our team have put together a few important pointers below to arm you with all the info ahead of your July 1st move in;


1.Has your rent been paid? (Sorry but its kinda important!)

Your first rent payment is due on 26th June, please do check if this goes out on this day (you will have set up a standing order already so this should leave your account automatically)





2.Who’s going to pick up your keys? Wooooop!

To keep footfall to a minimum keys for all members of your household should be picked up by just one person. Have a chat and decide who would be best placed to pop over and collect from the YN HQ




3. Have you booked your move in Appointment? 

The nominated ‘key collector’ will need to book in an appointment slot to pick up keys from our office on 1st July. If you haven’t already secured you appointment, give us a bell  on 0113 312 0222 to book in




4. Where do I collect my keys?

Stop by our city centre office (just opposite the Arena) to collect your new keys. Once you book an appointment, our team will send you a confirmation email with the date, time and our office address. Please do make sure you are on time for your appointment so we can squeeze in everyone’s appointments with no cross over and keep our lovely new tenant safe



Look forward to seeing you soon.


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