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Renewing Your Tenancy

How do I renew my tenancy?

Around two months prior to the end of your tenancy (this may be further in advance for student properties), a member of the team will be in contact to find out if you would like to vacate at the end of your tenancy or if your would like to renew. If you decide you wish to renew your tenancy before a member of our team has been in touch, please feel free to contact us via email with your request. If you decide not to renew, please see ‘Giving Notice to Vacate’ for further information on the next steps.

NOTE: If there have been any breaches of the tenancy agreement during your tenancy, such as late rental payments or property damage, you may not be offered a renewal. Please see ‘End of Tenancy Guidance’ for further information. 

You will always be asked to send your intentions in writing, even if we have discussed this initially over the phone. Once our team receive your email, they will discuss with the landlord for confirmation to proceed with your request.

NOTE: Sometimes your landlord may wish to increase your rent. If this is the case, our team will discuss this with you before proceeding with the renewal.

Your Renewal Has Been Agreed

Once a renewal has been agreed, we will follow up with confirmation of the agreement via email along with the next steps, which will include;

  • Signing of the renewal tenancy agreement. This will be emailed to you and is available to sign online.
  • Renewal of your standing order in line with your new tenancy term and proof of this wil be required to be sent via email to YourNest
  • Providing your ID in person to YourNest  (applicable for tenants who are international and the original ID is due to expire)

What next?

YourNest will complete the following;

  • Renewal of your tenancy deposit protection (if applicable)
  • Re-issue of statutory documents (if applicable)
  • Send out a new Contractual Guarantor form to be signed and request the supporting documents form your guarantor (if applicable)
  • If you have a bills inclusive package via UniHomes, YourNest will advise them of your renewal and Unihomes will issue you with a renewal form to sign

You will not need to vacate the property at any point if we have agreed a renewal with you. Your old tenancy will end, and your renewal tenancy will then begin seamlessly.