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End of Tenancy & Deposit Return

End of your Tenancy

When notice has been served, YourNest will email each tenant with end of tenancy information. It is very important to read this in full as this includes detailed guidance of what to expect and any actions that may be required from tenants before you vacate. 

What to expect?

  • Once notice is given/received, tenants will then receive an ‘End of Tenancy’ email
  • All keys will need to be returned to YourNest on the last day of your tenancy
  • YourNest will attend the vacated property within 1 week of the key return to inspect its condition
  • YourNest will write to all tenants within 14 days of the end of tenancy and advise of any deductions to your deposit
  • Tenants will be required to supply YourNest with proof that all bills have been paid up until their vacating date
  • YourNest will arrange for your deposit to be returned. We aim to return within a maximum of 28 days following your key return

Before you Hand your keys back


When it comes to cleaning, one person’s view of cleanliness can differ from another, regardless of whether they are a landlord, agent or tenant. YourNest require all properties to be cleaned to a professional standard* prior to returning keys. The majority of deposit deductions are due to the property requiring further cleaning, therefore we so recommend that tenants arrange for a professional clean. Having the property professionally cleaned will help remove risk of deposit deductions for cleaning at the end of the tenancy. YourNest can help arrange cleaners for you – please speak with a member of our team for further details.

If you decide to tackle the cleaning yourself, you will need to follow the Cleaning Guidelines to assist. It is also important to note that Cleaning is not subject to fair wear and tear, meaning that the property should be as clean upon return as per our guidelines.

*Cleaning to a professional standard, generally means cleaning to a high standard. Professional cleaning will also cover the cleaning of items such as the extractor fan grilles, dusting light bulbs and cleaning the windows.

Reporting Damages and Maintenance

If there are any damages or maintenance issues in the property, whether that’s in a communal area or a bedroom (whether or not the bedroom is yours), you must report this to YourNest at lease two weeks in advance of your end of tenancy date.

For damages, YourNest may be able to help you fix this before your end of tenancy, meaning that you may then avoid a damage deduction from your deposit. Furthermore, if we are advised about maintenance issues before you vacate, this helps us arrange any works needed quickly before new tenants move in.

Don’t forget to check…

Light bulbs – Replace any that are not working

Bins– Empty all bins throughout the property

Food – Make sure you check every cupboard, fridge and freezer and remove all food

Underneath Beds & Sofas – Don’t forget to check under their beds and down the sides of sofas before you vacate leave

Personal Belongings – Remove ALL personal belongings, including furniture that’s been placed in the property by yourselves. If you are not keeping something for your next property, ensure these are disposed of correctly. If belongings are left outside or inside the house, there may be a deduction from your deposit for our team to dispose of these.

Returning Keys

All keys must be returned to the YourNest office by no later than 11am on the last day of your tenancy. These must NOT be posted, unless otherwise agreed with YourNest.

Please note that the checkout and returning of keys process has changed to manage this safely throughout Covid-19. If you are due to hand you keys back in June 2021 please see an update to this process here.

Checkout Inspection

YourNest will attend the vacated property within 7 days of receiving all tenant keys back. The check will be completed by a member of our team using your inventory and schedule of condition, our own photos taken at the start of the tenancy, along with any tenant amendments from the beginning of your tenancy to determine whether there will be any deductions from the deposit.

Within 14 days from your key return and following the checkout, our team will be in touch to advise of the findings of the checkout and any intentions to deduct from the deposit.

NOTE: If deductions are to be made, YourNest will confirm the cost as soon as possible, but if these deductions are due to works required, you may not receive confirmation of the cost until the works are complete.

NOTE: We ask that any communication from tenants at this point is from the head tenant only on behalf of all other tenants. This is to avoid any confusion or multiple discussions about the same thing with multiple people

Utilities & Council Tax

Before YourNest return your deposit, we will require proof (where applicable) that your Electric, Gas, Water and Council Tax has been paid in full up to the end of your tenancy. To provide this you may need to request a closing statement showing zero moneys owed for the supplier/council tax.  Student tenants will also need to provide the utility proof but for Council Tax, we will require a letter from the council showing council tax exemption for the full duration of your tenancy.

Deposit Return

If you have no deductions to be made from your deposit, we would return your deposit in full, within 14 days of your checkout providing that we have received your proof of bill payments as detailed under the Utility and Council Tax section above.

If you have deductions to be made from your deposit, YourNest may have to await the exact cost of these prior to returning your deposit. The time frame for this can vary depending upon the extent of works needed however, in this instance we will always aim to return a deposit no later than 28 days following your key return. If there are delays above this time frame, we will be in touch to advise further.

NOTE: Depending on how your Deposit is protected, you will either be required to provide YourNest with bank details for the deposit return, or provide these direct to the Deposit Scheme. YourNest will advise which is applicable to you.


Guide to deposit return time frames

Within 7 days* – Checkout will be completed

Within 14 days* – YourNest will be in touch with checkout findings

No deductions from deposit – YourNest will aim to return deposit within 14 days*

Deductions from deposit – YourNest will aim to return deposit within 28 days*


*Of key return to YourNest

Further Information

Cleaning Guidelines & Checklist

Follow our step by step guide and checklist to ensure your home is cleaned to a professional standard on check out.