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Guide to Stop Taps

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What is a stop tap?

A Stop Tap is a tap, connected to piping, which can be used  to turn off the water supply to the whole of your property.

Stop Tap

Where is my Stop Tap?

YourNest provide the location of each properties Stop Tap within the property Inventory. Please refer to your inventory for location.

It’s always important to be aware of the location of your Stop Tap in case you need to turn this off in an emergency.

Your Stop Tap is usually found near or next to the location where your water supply pipe enters your property. This location can vary but the most common places to find this are:

  • Underneath the Kitchen Sink
  • Within a Kitchen Cupboard
  • In the downstairs bathroom
  • Within the downstairs WC/Cloakroom
  • In the Garage or Utility Room
  • Under the stairs
  • Within the Cellar

How and why do I use the Stop tap

Please only use your Stop Tap in case of emergency. This may be because of a burst pipe or severe leak.

To stop your water supply, you will need to turn the Stop Tap in an anti-clockwise direction until you can no longer turn the tap. This will shut off any incoming water and no more water will enter your property.

Remember, when your Stop Tap has been turned off, no water will be supplied into the property.

And remember...

Once your Stop Tap has been turned to the off position, no more water will come into the property. There may however still be water within the pipes which means that the water wont necessarily stop straight away, however, don’t worry, it will stop once the excess water has come out.

If water is still coming into the property after you have turned off the Stop Tap and left a time for the excess water to come out, you may need to go back to the Tap and continue to turn it anti-clockwise.

If you have turned your Stop Tap off due to an emergency, its very important that you contact YourNest to advised of this. We will need to attend the property and ensure all and any maintenance works are completed prior to the tap being switched back on.

Following the water being switched off via the stop tap, remember to always run your taps and shower for at least 2 minutes before using.

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