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3 Reasons why student houses in Headingley are awesome

Selecting your student pad is one of the most exiting parts of university life. Not only have you left home and part the way through your first year at university, you now have the complete freedom to live wherever you like and with whomever you like.

We must of course consider our priorities and ensure we are close enough to uni but also close enough to our weekday hangouts, emergency takeaway and the group party house.

Selecting a student house in Leeds isn’t as easy as it may seem as there are so many options with some epic student houses in Headingley, Hyde Park, Burley, Kirkstall and Leeds City Centre but if we had to choose our favourite we would be opting for our student house in Headingley. Why I hear you say?

  1. Erm…there are lots of bars. This is very important and should be considered when planning where to live in Leeds. There are plenty of bars to choose from, most within walking distance to the various student locations. Our favourites would have to be the Original Oak in summer and The Box for football and beers.
  1. Reds True Barbeque. The smell alone will reel you in, but Reds is home to a good old meat feast. The donut burger is incredible. Go on. We dare you.
  1. Cottage Road Cinema. We love a good old movie and we prefer to support our local independents. This is the oldest cinema in Leeds and has been showing movies since 1912. This has to be worth a visit.

There are a tonne of reasons why you should live in Headingley. Have a read of our Headingley Neighbourhood Guide or check out our Nest Neighbourhood over on Pinterest for some more inspiration.