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How should I Review my Inventory?

When you arrive at the property, refrain from moving in any belongings as having your items in the property may hinder your checks. We recommend the property is always checked together with every named tenant on the tenancy, if this is not possible, we recommend that you contact those not present and gain confirmation that they are in agreement with your findings.

When checking the property, work from the floor up to the ceiling. All inventories are created room by room and your inventory will clearly explain which room in the house its detailing. Any direction noted such as Right or Left, is as if you are looking at the property from outside facing the front door.

Feel free to write on your inventory as you go round the property, but also make sure you take a photo of every amendment you would like to discuss. Please do make sure this photo is to scale; for example, if it is a scratch, make sure you have photos using a shoe or hand next to it to show the length/width of the damage.

Remember, even if your housemates are not with you, it is important to check every room as if it is your own. Do not leave out a room because your housemates not there.

Common Items to Review in your Inventory

Lastly, we have put a brief list of items people commonly forget to check. Make sure your checking each of these along with your inspection:

  • Cupboard doors and draws
  • Toilet seats
  • Mattresses and underneath beds
  • Windows and blinds
  • Underneath rugs
  • Light bulbs in every room
  • Shower heads

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